2015 HOF Directors

Front Row: Bobby Cowoski, Bill O'Donnell, Regis Young, Kevin O'Donnell, Jason DeLano,  Jim Lokhaiser Jr.

Back Row: Regis Schiebel, Wink Robinson, Dess Schnur, Dan Cunningham, Walter FItzpatrick, Kathy Wood, Ed Codi

Missing: Guy Travaglio, Leatha Baker, Art Bernardi, Tim McCune

2013 HOF Directors.

2001 HOF Officers

2014 HOF Officers VP- Tim McCune Pres. Dan Cunningham, Sec.Treas. Jim Lokhaiser Jr.

2010 HOF Directors

2008 HOF Directors

​This area is under construction at this time - this area will cerate the history of the Butler County Sports Hall of Fame

2002 HOF Directors

2012 HOF Directors

1989 HOF Directors